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Increase in Life Expectancy at Birth 1990 - 2000 versus Per Capita Gov. Expenditures for Health in 2001, by province
Additional Figures:

Source: China Statistical Yearbook, 2003, Life Expectancy: Table 4-17, p.118; GDP (2002): Table 3-9, p.63; GDP (2001): China Statistical Yearbook, 2002, Table 3-9
Note: There are only 30 provinces in the figure, because the province of Chongqing did not exist in 1990.

Are the great differences in the increase of average life expectancy between Chinese provinces related to the government's health expenditures? As we can see from the cross-sectional data of 30 provinces visualized in the figure above, there is no relationship between per capita health expenditure of the government in a particular province in 2001 and the increase of average life expectancy between 1990 and 2001.

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This data section was updated on 18 December 2011

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