Life Expectancy at Birth in 2000 versus Per Capita GDP in 2002 by province

Source: China Statistical Yearbook, 2003, Life Expectancy: Table 4-17, p.118; GDP (2002): Table 3-9, p.63; GDP (2001): China Statistical Yearbook, 2002, Table 3-9
Note: GDP at current prices.

Average life expectancy at birth in China's provinces correlates highly with provincial per capita GDP - at least at per capita levels of more than 7,500 Yuan per person per year.

Of course, this correlation does not necessarily indicate a causal relationship, but it is interesting that rapidly developing but also densely populated and polluted urban areas and provinces in the East have much higher life expectancies than typical rural provinces such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, or Gansu.

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