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Earthquake strikes Sichuan province: Death toll reaches 20,000.



2008, May 12


The earthquake that strikes Sichuan Province on May 12, 2008 has a strength of 7.9 on the Richter scale. It is causing landslides and destroyes thousands of buildings - flattening whole villages. 20,000 are reported to be dead and the number of injured may reach 100,000. The epicenter is located near the towns of Yingxiu and Dujiangyan in Wenchuan Country. The town of Yingxiu has been was completely devastated. Some 10 million people in Sichuan Province are affected by the earthquake. Poor weather and the destruction of roads and energy supply is hampering rescue efforts. The government has sent some 200,000 troups to help in the rescue efforts.
The Sichuan earthquake on Monday was the biggest in China since a devastating strike had killed more than 240,000 people in Tanshan in 1976.

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